Friday, October 06, 2006

Some random though...

I was feeling a little down the other day and was trying to cheer myself up with my usual philosophy...I always say this to myself and every friend that has ever said they are depressed to me...That in the end everything will always be ok. Because God is watching and he will take care of it.

But I've seen times when it feels like 'what if this happens in the end' - because there really is not guarantee that things will go the way you want them to. So what if everything is not ok in the end?

And then I realised - if everything is not ok, then that isn't the end. And perhaps the problem with a lot of us is that we start to believe that something that happens in the middle of our life is somehow the end of it all. Where we are supposed to be. But what if that is just a stage that have to stop through in your journey through life, while you proceed to a point where everything truly is ok.

I have no idea if i make any sense. I seemed to make perfect sense to myself when I was thinking this...but seems strange typed out...oh well!

Anyway so now i have slightly altered my philosophy in life - 'In the end everything will be ok, and if it isn't then that isn't the end' :)