Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Best. Video. EVER

just didn't see the punchline coming

absolutely BRILLIANT!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My biggest strength

Yup I have discovered it! After years of searching I now know exactly what I'm good at. Perhaps it is what I am here for. My purpose of existance.

Yes I know I have got your attention (all 3 of you that ever would read this post that is) - *drum roll please* - procrastination!

Yup that's it. Why else would i be sitting here just 2 days before some of the biggest days of my life.

No once again not getting married - I'm all about the interviews right now though the matrimonials too are apparently being searched in the background or so I'm told - hey apparently it's about optimizing the process to make sure everything is taken care of - the career and the personal life. Lest I end up an unemployed old maid (I was just talking about this to a friend yesterday - with her wondering what the possibility of her ending up a 'bachelorette' for the rest of her life is - uhuh I said - the word would be SPINSTER. uggh! what an ugly word! why is it the word bachelor brings up the image of a good looking eligible guy that girls would be falling all over and the word spinster brings to mind an old lady with cats. *sigh* such are the ways of the world!

Oh I have digressed...what was my point in this post again - oh yes - procrastination. It is amazing how small an attention span I have. Started on one thing and going on about something entirely different. There I go again! Crap this is a bad sign with all these consulting 'case' interviews coming up where the number 1 tip is to not blabber on and keep referring to the central question. Fantastic job I am doing at that!

ANYWAY so where was I? Yes. Procrastination. Hmmm I really don't remember what I was going to say about procrastination but I promise I had all these witty lines all made up in my mind. I did I did! I swear!

I suppose instead of complaining about this I better go work on preparing for those damn interviews. So yes. Big week coming up. Good luck me!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I feel a change in the air...

Big days coming up next week (no no i'm not getting married or anything like that) - all the interviews lined up including a couple that I have my heart set on. I just hope I dont take either of them for granted and also with the possibility that it doesnt go well and I dont get through I dont end up too disappointed. Either way in a few days all will be clear

So technically I should be stressing out but I suddenly feel very calm. Like nothing could really get to me. Strange cause just 2 days ago I was so agitated and easily irritated at the smallest of things (not to mention a couple of people that totally annoyed me). Throw a couple of other disappointments in there. And technically I expected to be ready to explode sometime this week.

But nope. Here I am not really worried about anything. Things will happen as they have to. I will get a job at some point. And since I know there is someone out there watching over me I will get the one that is right to me (and perhaps I just don't know what is right for me). How could I not believe this after what happened in the summer. The job I ended up getting (and accepting) was great no doubt and gave me really interesting experience. But the main thing that it lead to was invaluable. The job took me on a week's trip to India. Where I met my grandfather. Just 1 week before he was admitted to the hospital. And 3 weeks before he passed away. I saw him one last time while he was still healthy and that to me was more than a coincidence. Everytime I think of this my faith that everything happens for a reason gets reaffirmed. How do you put a value on seeing your grandfather one last time? And there is no way that would have happened had I not taken that job. Sometimes it really is best to wait for the reason to happen when you can't understand life.

I still can't believe he is gone. Though I try to think of him only through my happy memories from childhood. He was an amazing man and I have such great memories of him. Of him pushing me into the deep end of the pool practically when I refused to learn to swim - and him being the reason I now am obsessed with water and swimming! Of him bringing home some goodies or the other every time he went to the 'club' with his friends. Of him telling all his friends proudly about how well his granddaughter studies!! I don't want to get sad thinking of him cause he led a full life and he was someone who liked to make the people around him smile so I don't think he would want me to be sad about him. I only pray for my grandma.

But anyway sadness and my tata were not meant to be the topic of this post.

I really do feel a change about me. Things I was getting stressed about are starting to stress me less - the finding of a job and the pressure from family regarding guys (particularly when other people call my parents recommending guys to introduce me to). I know both will sort themselves out as best as they can. I can only try my best and leave the rest to God. I'm talking about finding a job here! As for the guy thing a close friend recently got engaged (and met her better half through the parental-set-up process) and she seems so happy. Plus talking to her made me feel better cause i realized i wasn't the only one who goes through these emotions of being scared, getting disappointed, not knowing what I want through the whole process. But she said meeting THE guy made her not so scared anymore. And she knew it was right. So perhaps I too will know when it is right.

Either way a change is definitely in the air. And I am happy

I hope I remain that way through the next few weeks of the job hunt...and then beyond! :)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

B-school is such a roller coaster

There are times when I wonder why I am even here - especially now! Could there be a worse time to be graduating from business school when all anyone ever seems to talk about is the market going down. Companies aren't hiring as much, everyone from the finance world seems to be everywhere else and just in general noone knows what's going on. I even considered the possibility of doing another degree just to get through this wave. Anyway i guess my bank can't really handle that.

But then at the same time I go to classes with such amazing professors that it seems to make up for it. This is the first quarter that I love every class I am in and everytime I'm in the class (particularly in Intl Finance) I wonder how I am so fortunate to be listening to these people!

I do love business school and every aspect of it. The people, the classes, the activities. It's just recruiting that I dont get. Why does it have to be so early. I feel particularly bad for the first years who just got here and already need to figure out what they want to do with their life. The part about experimenting during your internship I'm not so sure about - I did that and look at me - here I am having to go through this process once again. Perhaps it would have been easier if I had taken up something that I knew would convert into a full time thing. But then there is no point having regrets so I shall not.

The thing I hate most about recruiting is what it does to the atmosphere of the place - people seem quieter, there seems to always be something on their minds (and I am guilty of this too - someone just asked me the other day if there's always a lot on my mind because i look lost all the time!!). And it's scary cause last year I saw people in a way that I hadn't before - apparently parts of their personality were well hidden during normal times but came out in full force once recruiting started. Thus I've decided to keep away from school as much as possible - apart from the classes and meetings I just like to be home and it is so much more peaceful.

It has helped in the last few days to have my mum here so it at least puts things in perspective for me. I remain calm because after spending time with my mum I realize that it's not the end of the world if I don't get THE job. I have a lot better things in life to care about. Hopefully I can maintain that attitude once she's gone later this week.

omg i won i won!


Thank you Ashanka and Amrit for giving me a blog award...i am honored to say the least

And how I have to pick people to give it to as well

Well the first two I'd pick are you two...

Amrita's is the one who got me into blogging and here I am 2 years later...her's is the one blog that I have read from day one and will always continue to - it's a great way for me to keep up with her life now that i'm so many miles away...and i love reading her opinion about random aspects of life

Ashanka's blog I discovered just a few months ago through Amrita - and she always manages to make me laugh just through talking about daily life - and that's a brilliant gift!

Also sending it through to a few more blogs that I read on a regular basis

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Archit's blog I discovered through a common friend way back when I was still in NZ...and it is a testament to how small the world is that I am now in b-school with him!! Anyway just a quirky fun blog with some great insights

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