Thursday, November 06, 2008

'Tis a Charmed Life

A letter arrived at my door...It required my signature...which it got...and now the letter is in the mailbox

and wheeeeee just like that i'm officially employed!

what a strange feeling.

now i know where i will be for at least the next two years of my life

the last few days since i heard life has felt a little unreal...i meant it's not like i didnt expect to get a job...i just didnt expect it to happen so soon..

the funniest thing is it was where i didnt expect...and also the place that i now realize i fit the most into. lovely people. lovely company. and lovely happy me!

my life continues to be a series of happy coincidences

and hence i maintain - 'tis a charmed life!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Victory for some, loss for others

I am in Chicago in the middle of all the celebration. It was an incredible victory last night and to call Obama's speech moving is an understatement. It really does go to show that people CAN look beyond differences and look at what a person is really about. But then so much has been written about Obama's amazing victory that I can't add too much. I am happy, I am excited, I am ecstatic. And I hope Obama lives up to his promise cause there really is a long road ahead. I am also scared about how people will react. Already I read blogs about people being scared at the possibility of Obama being president - they are scared because of the allegations that were made all through the campain and shows why personal attacks are such a bad idea. Because at the end of the day one will win and one will lose, and the supporters of the one who lost will continue to believe the lies and attacks made on the one who lost. And will forever doubt. How then must one have a united country? But I hope Obama will face this with the same grace that he has faced everything else.

So the loss...well there is the loss for the McCain supporters and seeing him give his speech last night I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. He truly is a great man who has done a lot for his country. And until the arrival of a certain Ms Palin I think I was neutral between Obama and him. But the very idea of her in the whitehouse is enough to give me nightmare. Nevertheless I do feel sorry for McCain.

But that is not the loss I am talking about. I am talking about California. I am going to be moving to California at the end of my school and I've heard great things. So liberal. So open-minded. So everything. And yet what a terrible loss for California. Perhaps the nation's most progressive state and here's such a regressive decision. Prop 8. How could it have passed when it is about basic human rights. While the nation has shown that there will be no differentiation made towards those of color why then this discrimination? While the nation has elected an african american man to the nation's (and arguably the world's) highest post why then are people being denied rights just because they are different. I am upset. I am saddened. If California can vote to ban gay marriage what of all the other states and nations fighting to have it passed. While a leap has been made for civil rights, I think this is a huge leap backwards. How could these two have happened on the same day. It is really really sad. And I pray that there is a way out and things can change again. Oh and am I gay? No. But I am a human being.