Thursday, November 06, 2008

'Tis a Charmed Life

A letter arrived at my door...It required my signature...which it got...and now the letter is in the mailbox

and wheeeeee just like that i'm officially employed!

what a strange feeling.

now i know where i will be for at least the next two years of my life

the last few days since i heard life has felt a little unreal...i meant it's not like i didnt expect to get a job...i just didnt expect it to happen so soon..

the funniest thing is it was where i didnt expect...and also the place that i now realize i fit the most into. lovely people. lovely company. and lovely happy me!

my life continues to be a series of happy coincidences

and hence i maintain - 'tis a charmed life!


shahidhussain said...

Congrats on signing!

Ashanka said...


Princess Fiona said...

congratulations...and ur so sure ur goin to stick at this job for 2 years?? ;)

Anansi said...


ApocalypsE said...

Congrats for the job...:-)