Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Did they really say that?!

So many people dead and injured, a whole nation shocked and confused, yet politicians and others alike are falling over each other to give sound bites and gain leverage. Shivraj Patil resigned and though I agree it that it was too late, was it really necessary for the BJP to point that out a day after all this had happened? Was it so difficult for Advani to put aside petty politics for once and actually show a united front along with the congress because isn't fighting terrorism beyond trying to get into power and all that? Enough has been written already about Vilasrao Deshmukh and Ramgopal Varma so what more can I say except even if it was a 'coincidence' as they claim how insensitive can people really get? What about RR Patil with his 'bade bade deshon mein choti choti baatein' comment? Do people really think before they speak? Just heard another sound bite from Muqtar Naqvi that women in lipsticks think they have a right to hold protests or something ridiculous like that. Oh and the worst of all the CM of Kerala saying if it hadn't been for Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan not even a dog would have looked at that house. Seriously?! Do people even have half a brain? And obviously these are just some. Oh wait. I forgot the piece de resistance - Raj Thackrey apparently said that one of the reasons there was so much chaos in Mumbai was because Mumbai is overcrowded due to all the north indians living there!!! That has to be the ultimate. And this just when I was wondering where he had disappeared through all this. Absolutely disgusting.


Amrita said...

It's shocking isn't it Megz, the sheer pettiness of the comments and how insensitive these people are.
Makes me sick really.

Ramesh Srivats said...

They are just a bunch of jokers. Hopefully some of them will leave now. And unfortunately some more will take their place.

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