Monday, November 27, 2006

Waiting for christmas...

Well its the 28th of november and the countdown for the holiday season has begun!

This is just a great time of the year cause everyone is talking about what they'll do and where they'll go.

unfortunately, i have no big leave :(

BUT..still waiting the arrival of a few special people...and just to see them is going to make my holiday a great one! :)

Drool drool over Hrithik...

Been very lazy for a while and put nothing on here...
but couldnt resist talking about a demi God name hrithik roshan...

watched dhoom2 over the weekend and Oh my God...that guy seems to be about as close to perfection as anyone can get.

Never been much of a Hrithik fan funnily enough...i mean sure he's good looking but neve really got sucked in to the whole mania...but i dare any warm blooded female to go watch that movie and not come out thinking she has knowledge of what heaven looks like...its filled with Hrithiks!

regarding the movie...well its pretty good overall...nothing earth shattering of course but something fun to watch...and heck my full paisa vasool was from Hrithik himself.

As for the guys..go watch it for bipasha...she without a doubt has the hottest body i've seen on any indian chic!

anyway back to the movie...for me the last 15-20 mins kind of ruined it...too much mush...dont want a suave thief to get mushy..!
that was the best part of the first dhoom...the thief never lost his attitude (John! Now there's one more guy i'd like to see replicas of in heaven...but that for another day!...actually no there is one comment i'd like to make...john and bipasha are individually so hot that i wonder what their kids would be like...would they be born sexy?)