Tuesday, October 07, 2008

omg i won i won!


Thank you Ashanka and Amrit for giving me a blog award...i am honored to say the least

And how I have to pick people to give it to as well

Well the first two I'd pick are you two...

Amrita's is the one who got me into blogging and here I am 2 years later...her's is the one blog that I have read from day one and will always continue to - it's a great way for me to keep up with her life now that i'm so many miles away...and i love reading her opinion about random aspects of life

Ashanka's blog I discovered just a few months ago through Amrita - and she always manages to make me laugh just through talking about daily life - and that's a brilliant gift!

Also sending it through to a few more blogs that I read on a regular basis

A reporter's diary - Alaphia being a professional of course is in a class of her own...and i really enjoy reading her reports

Bollywood fashion police - that's my guilty pleasure - who doesn't want to look at pictures of celebrities and their fashion faux pas (and the good clothes too of course) - ok maybe everyone doesn't...but well i do!!

Archit's blog I discovered through a common friend way back when I was still in NZ...and it is a testament to how small the world is that I am now in b-school with him!! Anyway just a quirky fun blog with some great insights

India TV Ads - I love indian adverts - and here's a great place to check them out!

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Amrita said...

Hey!! Thank you thank you!
Also check out www.highheelconfidential.com.
Very fashion, very straight up!