Saturday, September 23, 2006

Love at the Eiffel Tower...oh what a cliche!

How many romantic tales mention the Eiffel Tower? All these proposals and what not. Didnt Tom Cruise supposedly propose to Katie Holmes there? What a facade I thought...I mean, its just a building. How is a building supposed to be romantic? Please! So these were the thoughts I had in my head while I walked towards the Eiffel Tower my first evening in Paris. It was still light outside and a few minutes of walk from the station later the Eiffel Tower came into view...and did it shatter all my misconceptions and cause joy in my heart? Well, no! It was just a structure of dark metal that stood in front of me...Yawn! What a disappointment I thought...even though I didnt have too many expectations from it.

Anyway so we caught a boat from there for a trip around the river Seine. It was a really beautiful hour and a half cruise where I saw some truly remarkable buildings - Notre Dame, The Louvre and many more. Actually even the ordinary apartment buildings around the river looked amazing to me considering I went there from auckland, a city with not too much of a history unfortunately. In fact if there was one thing I had to point out about Paris that I truly was amazed with it has to be the architecture. The buildings are simply gorgeous.

So as the boat turned back and the Eiffel Tower came back into view I turned around to get a photo and froze. What a transformation! It was dark outside and the tower had been lit up and I finally saw why people go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. As I was staring at it, lights started twinkling and it was one of the most beautiful things I have seen in my life. For a while I couldnt even get myself to take a photo because I was just too mesmerized. But when I did take a few, I just couldnt capture the essence unfortunately. But the true picture is still imprinted on my mind.

After I got off the boat and stood on the road looking up at the Eiffel Tower all I could think of was I wish I was in the arms of the one I love right now. And there it was! Romance! Just a building...but it made me feel that way...and I cant explain why. So yes...the cliche is true...well I fell for it anyway! It truly is the most romantic building in the world!

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