Saturday, March 15, 2008

Just to make the blog more colourful

I think my blog needs more photos - especially since I love taking pictures...will try to put up some of the ones that I like. Here's one of my fave shots (out of those I've taken). In Jaipur - outside some palace (cant remember which one - there were palaces everywhere - speaking of which, it was an amaaazing city!).


Vik said...

Very nice photo Cloud9. Would have been nicer if the entire palace could have been in the shot and it might be a little underexposed, but awesome photo nevertheless. (u knw me, i always hav to btch abt something)

Amrita said...

Nice new blog template - very cheery and pleasant!


~nm said...

This one is of Albert Museum in Jaipur :)

So when did you visit it last?