Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How far can you push your quest for perfection?

So the whole world and its uncle has heard the news that broke out today - the girl everyone saw and fell in love with at the Olympics opening ceremony was not just her but in fact two girls. The face. And the voice. To ensure that they had the 'perfect' representation of their country's image they chose to lie. Now I agree that there are many things that we see on tv that are not real. Hence I don't really say there is much wrong with the other fake stunt - of adding digital touches to some fireworks shown on tv. But the decision to use a different child's voice in the background is a blatant lie. While I agree that the world is filled with lies, haven't you by doing this taught a child that it is ok to lie? This when to all speak the truth is perhaps one of the biggest lessons any parent tries to teach their child. And what is even worse is that by doing this they are teaching children that it is ok to discriminate - based on looks or anything. Just because the girl with the amazing voice did not have the 'perfect' face she couldn't be put on tv. But this is a child!!! Aren't all children beautiful? Is it ok to tell a child she isn't pretty enough to be on tv? And another to pretend she is singing? Is it so important to be perfect that it justifies corrupting children? Is it worth the price?

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woorkeri wittynathan said...

That's China for you!