Sunday, February 15, 2009

Moody little me

A woman's mind is a funny thing. It can go from extreme elation to depression all in a day. Not that I'm depressed. But I do feel a little melancholy today. As always I choose to blame it on all the weird hormones my body produces and that I can't control. Convenient I know. What is it about women and moods anyway? Someone once called me moody and I promptly got very annoyed thus completely proving his point. Though I don't really think I am. I just have certain times when I cease being my usual chirpy self and get a little low. I don't like being this way. Being happier is so much nicer. Yet I get this way anyway. How does that work? Why do I get sad without really having any reason to be so? Is it something in my mind that I can't really comprehend or is it some random switch that the hormones have fun playing with every once in a while? I don't even know why I blame the so-called hormones. Probably all bull anyway. But I've heard other girls/women complain about it that way and well I decided I would too. After all, who wants to take blame for something when there is an easier way to pass it off?

Whatever. It is all momentary and I know I will be over it. I just don't like being this way because I am completely unproductive. Worst of all, I don't even do something fun while being unproductive. What's the bloody point then? The dullness outside reflects my mood too. I wonder if that's a sign.

I just talked to dad and as always he could tell within the first 2 syllables I spoke that I was down over something. Unfortunately, while my dad can pick up on that he still believes there has to be a valid reason for it. All these years and he apparently still doesnt quite understand my random lowness and apparently doesnt quite buy the hormone theory (excuse?). Which makes me wonder, will 'he', the-one-without-a-blog-nickname (yes i still haven't thought of a clever one) when faced with my random lowness also wonder about the reason or will he buy the theory or just assume that I am a moody annoying little something-something that must be left alone? haha...

Well thankfully such times have not come about yet...though no doubt they will. When things are so beautiful I shudder to think about the times that they wont be so. About happier things - yesterday was a lovely day. A valentines day made beautiful by a lovely lovely man who sadly is far away. But the beautiful flowers in front of me do remind me of him and the fact that in 5 days I will see him again. And that I'm sure will be one mood uplifter. Hormones or not.

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Anukool Sathu said...

Hmmm Why is Megha moody..? Lets see.. Have you thought maybe you are not actually having a 'Low' point, its just that you are back to a state when you are not being distracted by anything anymore.. And since your mind is not pre-occupied with anything you feel 'Empty' and that causes you to think you are down.. Whe n in fact you are at your ground zero state of just BEING... The question is whether emptiness is a bad thing or a good thing, or it just is...
Next time you have a 'low' look at yourself and you will realise you are not having a bad day but you are just being yourself without the 'fanfair of life stimulating you'

Or my above hypothesis is completly wrong and you are jsut being a GIRL! :p