Sunday, July 30, 2006


Sometimes life feels like one constant de ja vu. I’m not quite sure why.

Well I have two explanations for this. One is very simple, that my life has become extremely monotonous where a lot of events repeat themselves.

The one explanation is slightly stranger. I have noticed that quite often when I wake up I remember an event that perhaps happened in my dream but seemed so real and so normal that I cant figure out if it did happen. And many times following that, the even repeats itself and thus the dejavu. And no I am no psychic and I can neither predict earthquakes nor winning lottery numbers. Heck I cant even predict my own future. What I am talking about is ordinary everyday events. Things that I knew would happen.

Say I have a meeting with a certain person the next day which I know about and I guess must have thought about before falling asleep at night. I dream about the meeting and how it will go. What I say. What I expect the other person will reply etc. And then I wake up believing the meeting happened the day before for at least a few minutes in the morning. Then when the meeting does happen, I cant shake off that feeling that I’ve been there before.

It happened so often for a while that I seriously started believing that I was infact living through everything twice. This was because I didn’t remember my dreams but now that I sometimes do, I know why I feel like everything is repeating itself.

I’ll pause here for anyone who is reading this expecting a point…please don’t…cause there is none! Its just regular blah blah with no purpose.

One thing I do feel bad about however is that my dreams are so ordinary. I mean I’ve read books about dream interpretation where they talk about what it means to dream that you are flying or that you have fallen off a cliff. Nothing like that has ever happened to me. I dream about talking to people, about having lunch, about watching a movie. Yawn! How terribly dull!

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