Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Corporates - the big bad wolf?

Yesterday a woman died because she was on a breathing machine when the electricity at her home was cut off due to the bill not being paid. Now everyone is placing blame on the power company and the contractor of course. The company says that they were not aware of the facts. What if the power company is right when they say they didn’t know that there was a life threatening situation…cuz if they were aware…I’m sure it wouldn’t have gone that far, would it? The family says that the company is lying, and people all around the place are calling for people to be fired and what not.

There was a mistake made here without doubt. And it is something that has to be investigated. But isn’t it sad that when something happens and it is a case of common man vs big corporate, the corporate is always shown to be the bad guy? Is that always true though? I mean even a corporate is made of humans. If the contractor had been made aware of the fact that cutting power could lead to health problems, wouldn’t he have taken that into consideration?

Plus, when a home’s power is about to be cut, wouldn’t the family have gotten a few letters saying their power would be cut if there was no payment made. And if this is true, wouldn’t there have been ways the family could have made a plea stating the circumstances? Also, according to reports the woman died a few hours after the electricity in her home was cut. Why then wasn’t an ambulance called when the machine turned off and she was having trouble breathing? The question that pops into my mind is what the if the electricity had been accidentally turned off – due to a faulty wire perhaps. Would they still blame the company? Actually they probably would.

I might be sounding a little cruel here…and I agree that it was a tragedy. And in the end it could get proven that the company in fact did know of the situation and yet acted as they did. But why are people just assuming that the company must be to blame even before anything has been investigated? Is that really fair?


nalin said...

Echoing a few of my own sentiments here. Good work ..

woorkeri wittynathan said...

At some level, Corporations, society, economy and man are all one.