Monday, June 02, 2008

Dear God

Do I have to give up on worldly pleasures to be one with you? Because I so want to be. Yet I'm not sure I am ready to not care about material things. Why is it that every spiritual guide tells me I must disconnect with myself and everything around me to find you. If you are everywhere why don't I see you like the more learned ones claim they do. I believe I see you, in my heart, in my conscience. Yet should I do more? Should I wait for you to reveal yourself to me in some form the way you have to those who have persevered in their pursuit of you and given up all that is dear to them? And if I must not care about the world to find the eternal truth and you, why did you create the world around me to tempt to be a part of it?


Amrita said...

Megz, read Dalai Lama's 'Little Book of Wisdom'. I picked up this little gem during 4th year at Auckland Uni. An impulse buy, it was near the checkout at the new uni book store. Truly one of the best things I've read and if books changed my life this one would be right up there. Simply because it tells you how impractical it is to 'give up wordly pleasures' in today's context and how to be happier and therefore closer to God.

Anukool - > Sathu said...

Dear Megha,

Dont worry about what people say, or what books tell you, everyone has their own views on finding Me. The truth is you already know where I am, right where you said, in your heart/conscience. The world around you is great, so look at it and enjoy it, but if it sometimes makes you feel unhappy remember that it is just temporary and only true as along as you choose for it to be. If you want to see me, I reveal myself to you all the time, I am everywhere you look, inside everyone you look, so you just have to look without judging and you will see me. It can be hard to see me in the outside world, so you must look within and you will find me always. It does not matter whether you are sitting on a penthouse apartment in Manhattan or in a Himalayan forest I will be there with you.
Remember the world you see is not the one I have created, My world is just me, there is no-one else, so when you see violence and hate in the world and ask Why does God lets this happen, remember that it's not real. Look within yourself and sit within your heart and you will realise that all is well and at peace always, the rest is just a dream you let yourself be part of sometimes.

So forget all your worries cause there is only one reality, which is what you sense when you look deep inside yourself, smiling right back at you and that what you call God.

Note - tell Anukool that he thinks too much, and I don't exist in his thoughts but only in his heart. :-)