Sunday, June 01, 2008

Europe to Asia all in a day - Istanbul

What a gorgeous city! I wish I could have stayed longer. I even momentarily considered moving there - when I saw some of the most beautiful houses I've ever seen in my life - only to realize that even if I did I'd never be able to afford them. Unless I find me a rich :)

But seriously, there was something about Istanbul. There are two things I love on holiday - to be in or near water, and to see a part of history. And here there was both. The Hagia Sophia and the blue mosque had amazing art and architecture. And oh the history! A building that has been around for centuries or millenniums stand in there and read about everything the building has gone through right from the 4th century. To think about everyone who has probably stood on the same spot that you are!

My highlight of the trip however was the Basilica Cistern (photo here). Entirely underground, with water and beautifully lit. There was a peaceful yet eerie feeling all at once. Definitely one of the most memorable buildings I've seen in my life.

And then there was the water. Blue. Clear. Pristine. I must have been a fish (or a mermaid perhaps! ;) ) in a previous life the way i get excited every time I see water. We caught a ferry that took us in the Bosphorus channel that separates the European and the Asian sides of Istanbul (which I thought was pretty cool in itself) - and it was during this that I saw those houses overlooking the channel...*sigh*. See it is something to do with the water. I'm sure that mermaid theory is true!

And the two guilty pleasures of Istanbul - the food and the jewelery! The amount we ate in two days was probably what I eat in a week. And the jewelery - if only I had the money, I'd have bought it all!! If I start talking any more about them, I will start craving I'll stop now :)


~nm said...

It sure sounds so awesome! I wish I get to visit this place once too!

Any chances of us getting to see more pictures??

Amrita said...

Wow! sounds like a dream trip! We should do it again sometime. I really want to visit the Hagia Sofia. Sounds magical.

OnCloud9 said...

Thanks nm! just put up more photos :)

And amrita we def should! i wish i could hv spent more time in turkey

Shilpa said...

Heyyyyyyy my place is amazing.... i just loveeee the pics (rather the place)....... how come u only stayed there for 2days.... :(

sorry for the late comments its been ages that i have been into blogs.