Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Corny post alert!

Warning: This blog is not meant for the hard-hearted. It contains super cheesy romantic crap that most people cannot handle. So if cheesiness causes you nausea, please do not read any further.

Dont say I didnt warn you!

Quote from the last post:
While it isn't quite the 'he-looked-into-my-eyes-and-swept-me-off-my-feet', I never really expected that anyway (except during my 16 year old DDLJ fantasies!).

Perhaps I lied. Or perhaps I didnt know that the DDLJ fantasies were not all gone (Speaking of which DDLJ was watched with the aforementioned 'HE', albeit with subtitles!!). So Yes. Sweeping off the feet is complete. And here I am floating on cloud nine! Who knew he had it in him? Who knew any guy outside a Bollywood movie had it in them to say such amazing things that in a day I felt like the world had changed. I can see people reading this and wanting to either slap me or throw up...cause well if I was reading this somewhere else I'd probably want to do the same. But I dont care! MY BLOG! MY WORDS! MY WISH!

I mean yeah I have always been a complete romantic but I never thought I'd be talking like this!! Out in the public domain - when usually I think someone being all dramatic and declaring their feelings in public is all a bit of a show. Yes I am a hypocrite. But this isn't quite public is it? Ok fine. I agree. I'm a hypocrite. And an even bigger one at that cause I claim to hate hypocrites. Ah 'tis a vicious cycle!

So there's a hindi song I love:
Ek Din aap yoon humko mil jayenge, phool hi phool rahon mein khil jayenge, maine socha na tha. Ek din zindagi itni hogi haseen, jhoomega aasman gaayegi yeh zameen maine socha na tha.
Well it pretty much sums up how I feel right now!
I would have translated the song for HIS benefit...but well I dont know if it will come out quite right in English...or perhaps it's a challenge to find the translation :)

What more can I really say. Apart from thinking Wow. And going back to dreaming :)

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