Monday, June 19, 2006 that all there is to life?

Doesn't life sometimes feel like one day dragging after another with no obvious purpose. We walk from one day to the next. Go to work. Come back home. Go to sleep. Get up. Go to work. What could possibly be the purpose of such an existence where we aren't really making any difference at all. No difference to the world. No difference to the person next door. And honestly, no difference to ourselves. Its not to say that life doesn't have its moments. But how was my today any different from yesterday. And will my tomorrow be any different? What a depressing thought. Makes me wonder what the point of living is. Surely God had bigger plans for me. Or did he? Am I really nothing in this world other than a little nobody. A face that is here today, but may not be tomorrow. And yet nobody would know the difference.

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