Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My greatest fear

The other day I was reading one of those quick-fire interviews they have with know, 'favourite food', 'what book are you reading at the moment' just for something different I pretended to be a celebrity and started to think about answers for each of those questions, while fantasising that the world would want to know about my likes too (and trying to come up with witty answers so that my pretend fans can marvel at how clever and funny I am! Yes I know! I need to get a life!)

Anyway, so along came a question which had me stumped for a while. 'What is your greatest fear'. Hmmm...i don’t know. I tried to think of a witty answer - 'being asked this question', quite lame huh? (well it wasn't that bad. I came up with better ones...for 'most embarrasing moment', I told me pretend interviewer, 'I'd have another one if I told you'...dont think that's funny either...well you just don’t have a sense of humour then!). So back to my point (Gosh, I get a bit sidetracked sometimes don’t i? I have such a short attention span...there I go again!)..what was I saying.

Oh yes. My greatest fear. What are people generally afraid of. Heights (perhaps I am a little), Water (not at all...i love the water), the dark (again maybe a little). But my greatest fear? Funnily enough the first thing that popped into my head was 'Sharks'. For some reason when I see movies where people are eaten by sharks or lose a limb, I find it completely unnerving. But then I guess most people would, so sharks lost out in the race to be my greatest fear too.

Ok so now that I've blabbed on so much without stating what my fear is, I better do so now. I am scared of being forgotten after I die. And I know that that is my greatest fear. And no, I am not trying to come up with a clever answer for my 'fans' here.

I know that there have been many a days when I have wondered if anyone will think of me after I am gone. If anyone will care. Well that is probably a bit self-sympathising because I'm sure my family and friends would miss me. But for how long will I be remembered? Have I made enough of a difference in the life of anyone (apart from my parents of course) for me to hold a place in their memory forever?

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