Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Rain, Rain..Go away?

Its raining like crazy and my beloved cloud 9 has disappeared behind its much darker, stronger counterparts...so here I am with moods just as grey as the sky...

Wouldn't it be lovely if it only rained during the nights when we were all tucked safely into bed...

Though rain sometimes can be beautiful...i remember as a child, running and playing in the rain...looking for puddles to sail my paper boats in...gosh what a stereotype! Seen it in a million movies. Almost makes me wonder if it really is a part of my childhood memories or just something I've decided should be, since kids in movies do?! No but seriously, I'm pretty sure I used to really enjoy the rain as a child.

But for some reason, as I've grown up I just don’t enjoy the idea of going out into the rain. Getting even mildly wet is irritating. Is it because as adults we don’t want to enjoy the little things in life?

I do want to go back to the days when I could enjoy the rain though. Cause it really is a part of nature isn't it. And what would we be without water? So why should we always curse the weather when it rains?

Maybe today once again when I step out into the rain, I will try to feel its beauty rather than run to my car to get out of it. Perhaps cloud 9 is right there if I look up and maybe I just can't recognise it anymore?

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