Thursday, May 18, 2006

Of religions and conversions

I read an article today that really got to me…quite strange because I am not one to have strong opinions about such things in general and I am not one to talk about religion because I truly believe that all religions are the same…and belief is God is a belief in doing the right thing. It really does not matter what name you give to that God. At the end of the day, God lies in your conscience.

Why is it then that people believe one God to be greater than the rest. I am not saying there are no such people in the religion I follow. There definitely are, and I have met many. I am talking here in general.

The article in question that has me agitated talks about how many christian evangelists are targetting students from india who are hindu and trying to convince them to follow christianity. They talk about Jesus being the lord. Don’t get me wrong. I am not here to say that Jesus is not the Lord. But why does he have to be the only person that must be followed. They talk about following Jesus being the only part of salvation. But why? Who has given them the right to say that? People apparently have gone far enough to imply that all other Gods and religions may be the work of Satan.

I couldn’t quite pick up on what the author’s standpoint was, and thus am not critisising him because he was merely talking about what is happening. However, I do have a problem with people trying to convert others into another religion. Why can’t every religion just promote faith in general, rather than faith in their own religion? I have great respect for every religion, be it Hinduism, Christianity, Islam or anything else. I have never believe that my religion is the greatest religion of them all. I really cant understand this standpoint.

Most of all, I wonder about the people who do in fact convert. What must go through their minds? Is it pressure of wanting to be like others around them? Or have they really given up on the religion they grew up with?

I don’t know…I am not trying to make a point here. I think I’m just taking out my frustration after reading the article (link below).

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