Sunday, March 18, 2007

Its not just about the cricket

Sadly India lost to Bangladesh. I mourned their loss but still refuse to give up on them, and am hoping for the best. Another shocking result followed on the same day. First India lost to Bangladesh and then even more surprisingly, Pakistan lost to Ireland. And in the process got knocked out of the world cup. Cricket sure is a funny game!

As if that wasn’t enough, today's sports news were filled with news even more shocking and noone was talking about cricket. Bob Woolmer, Pakistan's cricket coach of a long time had a heart attack and passed away. At the age of 58 with no history of heart disease. How ironic that just yesterday the papers were filled with stories of how he is going to have a difficult time ahead, with Pakistan being eliminated in the first round of the world cup, and how he will be answerable to a lot of people. Who would have thought that fate had something entirely different in store. So forget mourning cricket losses. I guess life has taught us to not get too caught up in trivial issues. Here's a silent prayer for Bob Woolmer and his family. May they find peace.

And a note to me: Its not just cricket. Life is a funny game.


Vik said...

bob woolmer, such a legend. seemed like a nice guy too. if india looses against lanka, i hope chappell dies.

Abhilasha said...

Yeah it is sad!! Bob Woolmer said in the news conference "you have no idea how much this loss has affected me"...Guess we know now!!!

OnCloud9 said... true...and now there are all these conspiracy theories...who knows what happened!

vik...did u forget to take your sensitivity pills again?

Vik said...

hehehe sensitivity pills, good one :)
anyway now that india lost to lanka i stand by my original statement. indians should graduate from burning effigies and houses of players to the ACTUAL players. starting off with the coach, followed by sachin who has done NOTHING for india batting second in a crunch game...EVER. dravid and ganguly the only 2 people who should be spared...the rest should all burn in hell for sinking a billion hopes. who cares if they look good on paper.