Sunday, March 18, 2007

Weekend weekend!

Ever felt like our whole life is based around weekends?
Thursday and Friday we ask each other what we plan to do in the coming weekend.
Monday and Tuesday we ask each other what we did during the last weekend.
So basically our whole week (and in that effect our whole life) barring perhaps Wednesday is based around the weekend.
Or is it just me? :)


samurai said...

Wednesday is called hump-day :)) At times, I took that quite literally. heh

Vik said...

i got wednesdays off!! yay to me. weekends suck when you're studying though. means u have to study.

Fat Tony said...

I agree!! So, what DID you do over the weekend?

Kavi said...

veeery true...for ppl like me who work 6 days a week, the "1 day weekend" is jus too precious...can't wait for saturday evenings...

guess its high time we started spending everyday like a weekend, celebrating life n living it to the fullest so that we can ask each other..."So what did u do y'day?"!!!