Thursday, March 15, 2007

The power of prayer

Inspired by another blog by a friend I read which talked about the point in praying…

I am starting to wonder if praying for something particular has any effect on God. There was something recently that I prayed very very hard and very long for but didn’t get…so does that mean I should lose faith in God himself? Well thankfully, I haven't and my faith continues to stay strong. I've realised that whatever God has given me or hasn't given me is perhaps what is best for me. I obviously cant understand the reasons why things happen sometimes, but who am I to question Him?
Which brings me to the question that I have always wondered about…

I keep saying 'everything happens for a reason, just wait for the reason to happen'…that would mean I believe in destiny right? But I also believe that it is me who makes my destiny…such a contradiction…and I have no idea what I believe.

One thing that I do believe in is God. That as long as my conscience is clear, God is always there for me and he wont let me go down the wrong path. And if I do, he'll give me a sign…as he always has. There have been times in life where my faith has faltered and I've wondered if there really is a God..and if He exists, why He let me be hurt. But perhaps it was all to help me grow as a person. To teach me to deal with the world. Because through every test I know I have grown. And I have come out a more confident person.

I've now stopped praying for things to happen. All I pray for every day is for God to always be with me and to help me keep my faith through everything.

Itni shakti hame dena daata
Mann ka vishwaas kamzor ho na

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