Monday, April 16, 2007

Some people need to get a life!

Richard Gere kissed Shilpa Shetty in public. So what?!? I don’t even care about why he did (apparently it was after he said that AIDS does not spread by hugging or kissing). But that really isn't the point. Even if he had kissed her just because he wanted to, what right does any idiot have to protest. Isn't India a democratic country? Sometimes it doesn’t seem that way! Such small things are blown up into such huge issues. Sachin Tendulkar cut a cake that was iced with the Indian flag. So WHAT? Did he do it to deliberately insult the country? It was just a cake! And then all this crap about not playing the national anthem with words and something that was said after being misinterpreted. Must everything be made into a big deal and a national issue? Do people really have nothing better to do or talk about?!

How is a kiss an insult on our country and culture??! Please! I'd like to see what the bloody Shiv Sena gets up to behind closed doors! Poor Richard Gere is caught up in all this and apparently apologised. What kind of an image of India does he take back with him though? One of a regressive society dominated by religious extremists. And he was in the country to support a good cause! But again, that’s not the main issue here. I was so so glad that Shilpa Shetty in a press conference said that she refused to apologise. What is there to apologise for? A kiss is against indian culture!!? And I hear students in Kanpur are burning effigies of Shilpa Shetty and Richard Gere (what it is with indians and burning effigies I will never understand…Why not just take all that pyromaniac tendencies out on dushera and burn Ravan again and again). But anyway, students!! People in their teens and early twenties. I find it hard to imagine.

Stuff like this makes my blood boil. On one had we have people trying to prove that India is ready to be a developed nation. I love india with all my heart. But with people like the Shiv Sena, the country can only go backwards. And we yell to all and sundry about being the biggest democracy in the world. And Is this democracy? Where you can do what you want…just be ready for public humiliation!


woorkeri wittynathan said...

Although I am not a big fan of Shilpa, can't resist sayin, 'Gere, you lucky dawg!' :)

Rajeev said...

I was thinkin of writing about this on my blog.
Good that U did :)
People here just need a reason to destroy public property. and Steal.
thanx for ur visit upon my blog.
do keep comin back!

Peace & Love

Vik said...

must say, i cannot disagree with your comments(first time?!!). so will go away and think of something to argue about!

good on shilpa for not apologizing. and man, more effigy burning?!! it should be a national sport. people sure have a lot of time on their hands making the effigies!

Andrew The Asshole said...

Wow that cause a riot?!!! I think in every culture there are thing that their members would change... Why to speak on it though