Saturday, April 21, 2007

Yay! Its over!!

Praise the Lord! What am I talking about? The circus that the media has named 'wedding of the year' (or was it century?). In the last two weeks I have heard or read every detail about the abhishek and aishwarya (or abhiwarya as people suddenly seem to call them...must we copy everything from hollywood??) wedding. And I dont even care! Everytime I open an indian newspaper online I see headlines like 'Mehendi ordered from Rajasthan for Aishwarya' (Are you freaking kidding me??! Do people REALLY want to know that?) and every time I turn on an indian news channel I see scrolling headlines on the bottom of the screen.

The last three days in particular, there has been running commentary on NDTV. It just got so bad that I decided not to watch the news at all! There were news people actually stationed outside each of the Bachhans' residences and Aishwarya's apartment talking about who had just gone in and what was going on at that time. I dont think that even the world cup final, even if the indian team had made it there, would have warranted so many constant updates.

They're getting married, and I wish them all the best, but do I really need to know so much about it? And do the public actually want to know about it or is it just media created hype? I cant imagine that there are sane people out there with jobs and lives who care about which temple Abhishek and Aishwarya are visiting next and which laddoo shop that they ordered their wedding sweets from!! I refuse to believe it.

One thing I do wonder about is whether these so-called journalists who are posted there actually WANT to be there?

Anyway, though there was a lot of nonsense regarding the wedding on the news, the funniest thing that NDTV had was bullet point list of those invited...and a bullet point list of those NOT invited!! I'm not joking! The newsreader in her most serious voice goes 'Invited: X, Y, Z...'. 'Not Invited: A, B, C...'!!! It was like she was reading some sort of a hitlist!!!

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