Tuesday, February 20, 2007

And AGAIN!!!!

The black caps did it agaaaaaaaaaain!! and they outdid their previous effort this time. (Though I'm a little bummed...wish I had gone down to Hamilton too...I can no longer say I watched the best game that NZ ever played)! hehe

I just couldnt believe it last night. Chasing 346 against Australia!! Absolutely stunning!

Was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time. The game was so so close and I do feel sorry for Michael Hussey. First time captain and this is what he has to go through. A series whitewash. Australia's first ever in God knows how many years. And now Gilchrist says 'We didnt want this tour'...is that some sort of an excuse? I'm not going to be one of those people who have started to write off australia...i'm sure they will be back with a vengence at the world cup but imagine the sort of confidence this and the previous series (which england won) has given the rest of the world. That the invincible Aussies can be beaten! I know that this series they weren't full strength. But they nearly were in the last series.

And what's with Australia failing over and over again to defend big scores?? Biggest example of that would be the South Africa game of course...i dont think anything would compare to that! Bu the last two games the kiwis played really were unbelievable!

I'm always happy when the aussies lose...but yesterday I was really rooting for New Zealand...the way they were playing they deserve to win and they deserved the whitewash! I really am becoming a fan of the black caps! :)

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