Sunday, February 18, 2007

What a game!

Watched the best cricket match I’ve ever seen yesterday (in person!). What a game! I’m not such a huuuuge supporter of the Black Caps (the NZ cricket team)…as in I do support them of course but not a diehard fan (that status is solely for supporting the indian team!). So through the initial phases of the match yesterday against Australia, I was fairly neutral. Enjoying the batting of both sides and just happy to be watching a game I love. But probably about half way through the New Zealand innings watching the way they were batting I just got caught up in the atmosphere (and what atmosphere it was…the stadium almost full with kiwi supporters of course with a few aussies here and there) and was cheering with the best of them. My voice is a bit hoarse now from all the yelling and screaming, but Boy was it worth it! The Black Caps won…chased 337 with an over and five wickets to spare and the aussies were left to lick their wounds. A series defeat yet again! And losing their top spot in the rankings for the first time ever. Could anything be better? New Zealand wins and the Aussies lose. Just a PERFECT Sunday! Go Black Caps! :)

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