Wednesday, February 14, 2007


What is it about opinions? Is it just me who wonders how much of my opinion is my own. Too many times I find myself rephrasing what someone else said to me just because their argument was strong enough to convince me. And whats worse is that a few days later the opposite argument made by a better speaker might change my stand on the issue. Of course there are certain things that I will always support or oppose…things that are embedded in my principles. But here I’m talking about smaller things. A current affair that I may hear about and depending on how good the radio host talking about it is I start to agree with him/her. Does that mean I have no mind of my own and can be moulded any way? *sigh* That doesn’t do a lot for my ego!

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samurai said...

I dont think people at blogger are 'grammar' people.

I dont like how they show it as '1 comments' - it should be '1 comment.

Herez how it goes:

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