Monday, February 12, 2007

Page 3 or Page 1?

Apparently Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai are getting married. Good for them! But why does the whole world and its uncle have to know EVERY single detail of their life?! Don’t people have ANYTHING better to do? A few days ago I switched on the tv and on a news channel saw the words ‘Breaking news’ and me the silly person that I am, inspite of watching the indian news channel for so long and knowing that their breaking news could be a cat being stuck at the top of a tree, thought something significant must have happened. And that was it! That they were engaged. And a lady (I will not insult the word journalist by calling her that) stood outside Aishwarya Rai’s parents’ apartment and was giving some sort of running commentary ‘and a little while ago we sas karan johar walk in’…who the hell cares?! But apparently people do! Because she was also asking people on the road how they were feeling at that moment and the way people were expressing their happiness you would have thought it was the 15th of august 1947 and india was getting its independence. Is the news all about celebrities? Its like page 3 exists no more because its all on page one! How absolutely ridiculous!

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