Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Now I know why people catch the tube!

After my last trip to London I remember writing in my blog that it looks like everyone in london is on the tube and noone owns a car. I take that back! Looks like everyone in london owns TWO cars each! The traffic is crazy!

Some of my experiences on london roads:

- Taking 2 hours 15mins to get home from the airport when I was told it would take an hour!
- Being stuck for an hour in traffic because part of a tunnel was closed, following which we caught the tube with no warm clothes!
- A taxi driver trying to avoid the main road and taking an extra 40 mins on small bumpy streets to take us to the wedding hall
- Another taxi driver driving in circles around the same three streets for about 20 mins

Think i'm sworn off london roads!

Hail the tube!

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