Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentines day - - who cares??

I drove past a florist yesterday that was advertising single roses for $18 and a dozen for $150!! Are you kidding me?! On any other day they’d be a fifth of the price! So why do people go through all the trouble of sending flowers and doing things on this particular day?

Ok so now this is starting to sound like the growing opinion that valentine’s day has become too commercialised and its silly to do anything on the day. Everyone seems to be saying ‘who cares about valentine’s day’? But actually I beg to differ. I care!! I know people say that when you love someone anyway why pick today to show it but its just something to remind you of that special person in your heart isn’t it? So if I had a partner of course I’d want to do something on valentine’s day with him…no matter how cheesy others may find me! Heck what’s a relationship without a bit of cheese! Hehe!

But why not think of something different. Not the standard roses or cards or chocolates but something simple, sweet and from your heart. I for one would love a silly but cute text message a lot more than a dozen red roses!

What would I do for my valentine (if I had one of course!)? Bake him a lovely cake! Delivered with a big hug..and a smile to die for! Happy Valentines! :)


Kavi said...

hey Happy Valentines to u too :) coincidentally, I too wrote a post on Valentines! Now what wuld I do if I had a Valentine??...
hmmmm...maybe a candlelight dinner with self cooked food (now THAT would shock any guy if I actually did it!!)...
A long walk by the beach wuld be an ideal way to spend the evening too!!!

woorkeri wittynathan said...

Haha! In response to: ' Heck, what's a relationship without a little cheesiness...' :

Cheese is good! Very good! As a Team American would say, 'Sometimes, cheese is all you have'!