Monday, February 12, 2007

I have interesting relatives!

Going back to the same movie discussed below (it was salaam-e-ishq…didn’t mention that before!)…in the movie the wife loses her memory. It is amazing how many hindi movies I have seen where someone loses their memory and a while ago I said to my mum nothing like that would happen in real life!! And she narrated to me the story of a distant relative. This man (who was related to her grandfather somehow) lived with his family quite happily till one day his house was attacked by naxalites (who I guess are some sort of revolutionaries..or something!)…he fled into the jungle while being chased by naxalites and either was hit by one of them or somehow got injured. He was never found and everyone presumed him dead.

What actually happened was that he was found and nursed back to health by some villagers living in the forest but he lost his memory. After a period, he married someone else in that new village and had kids. Many years later he happened upon his hometown and started to recollect everything. He found his way to his house where his kids (now grown men) lived but his wife was away. He tried to convince his kids of who he was but no body believed him. They then called his wife who also didn’t recognise him till he started to tell her about their life etc.

I’m not quite sure whether he went back to his second family after that or stayed with his first family. But doesn’t it prove that fact really is stranger than fiction!

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